In regard to style: What is Heyday’s style? Will it suit me?

We like to think of ourselves as creative people that is able to adapt to each and everyone’s style. But if you are looking for a specific answer, we’d like to describe ourselves as “eternal, organic and classic”.

In regard to charge: Why is Heyday priced higher than others?

We believe that it is the fine details that make a shoot perfect. From our services to our products, from start to finish, we make sure that everything is exactly where it should be. We really love what we create, and we know that you will too. At the end, happiness cannot be measured by value, right?

In regard to locations: Am I able to choose shooting locations?

As the locations for shooting are often distributed across the city, we will recommend a travel plan customised to your locational preferences. Of course, if there is a somewhere that is very special for you, please share it with us and we’ll make sure to make it happen!


In regard to weather: Will I be able to reschedule shooting dates due to the weather issues?

We understand how frustrating it could be when we run into a rainy day. Rest assured, we always keep a close eye out for weather changes, and if it does happen to rain on your special day, we will suggest for rearrangements. However, as much as we’d like to, we can’t control the weather, so we highly recommend that you plan a few days extra just in case.


In regard to photos: How many photos will be taken on the day?

It depends on the locations and length of shooting, and also the photographer. We believe in quality not quantity, but we aim to take around 90-100 photographs per hour.


In regard to raw photos: Will I be able to keep a copy of the raw photos?

We know how special the day is for you and will make sure to capture every special moment on the day. We want you to have a copy as well, so we’ll put all the raw photos on a USB for you at the end of the shooting day.


In regard to wedding gowns: What are the choices for wedding gowns at Heyday?

We work with many well know international brand as well as independent designers. We are constantly looking for new trends and styles to add into our collection. Rest assured, we have a wedding gown prepared for every style and occasion. We love clients that have their own sense of style, so no need to worry about not being able to express yourselves, we’ve got you!


In regard to wedding gown fittings: When should I come in for my fittings?

We would recommend that you book in your fittings three week prior to the day of shooting, so that we have sufficient time for one-on-one fittings and alterations. But if you’re from overseas, we understand that you might have a tight travel schedule, so coming in at least one day prior to the shooting will be fine.


In regard to menswear: Will Heyday provide suits as well?

We do have suits and ties prepared for you at the studio. However, as everyone has different body shapes, we would recommend that you have bring at least one set of fitted menswear from home. Don’t worry, our stylists and makeup artists have got your backs and are ready to provide clothing suggestions if you need some help.


In regard to consultations: Will I be able to chat with the photographer or makeup artist prior to the shooting?

We believe that communication and establishing shared values is key in making great photos. We value the quality of connections with our clients and know that strong relationships will ensure a smooth start to finish.


In regard to travel: Will I need to drive to locations on the day?

We know how hard it is to get everything together on your special day. We’d like to make things easier for you by taking care of travel. Our business coaches will be waiting for you at the studio.